Caleb Lee

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this is my 1st 2008 show reel

all characters and works I created and developed myself

one more

this is my 2007 2nd show reel


the Lion

100% hand drawing animation

the sub title is 'too many cooks spoil the broth'

other title is 'too many zoo keepers kill the lion'

this work is still in progress
and it will be done soon


Beck's music video

it is only 15secs

I made it 2years ago

Cell phone's dead - beck


Imagine cup 2008 promotion

Story Board

Image works

1st shot

2nd shot

Flower 3D progress



Leonard Cheshire Disability

Mood Board

StoryBoard & Skill development


Computer Arts Graduate Showcase 2008


Belu Water Work

Story Board

work progress


Caleb Lee works